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4+ Years of experience

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I was born in a small, tech deprived town, with a dream of becoming a Software Engineer one day 🥹


After school, I wanted to move to a big city for college to fulfill my dream , but my parents thought I was too young to move out 🙁


Despite that, I still managed to move out to pursue my dream, Reaching there I felt lost among tech savvy folks. I didn't even know what a PlayStation was 🤯


College was a whirlwind, and I felt lost and overwhelmed most of the time. But I refused to give up. As I taught myself coding, everything slowly started to fall into place 🥰


I faced countless failures along the way. But, I never let them define me. My perseverance and hard work have brought me this far, eager to see what the future holds 😌

Projects? Thought you'd never askProjects? Thought you'd never askProjects? Thought you'd never ask
Pakistan's first online fashion hub, featuring the latest trends from 500+ renowned brands.
Zuria Dor
Zuriador's chic and contemporary e-store, redefining style and convenience.
The World of HSY, a leading online fashion experience, bringing Hassan Sheheryar Yasin's designs to your doorstep.
REI Blackbook
We built REI BlackBook to combat the multiple system chaos and tech overwhelm that plague the real estate investing industry.
Mohsin Naveed Ranjha's online couture destination, offering exquisite traditional and contemporary wear.
Allure By Mht
Allure by MHT emerged out of the sheer love for ornaments and jewellery, established in 2013 by MHT
Ali Xeeshan
Ali Xeeshan is a digital fashion sanctuary, showcasing the designer's visions through signature creations.
Shamsha Hashwani
Shamsha Hashwani's elegant e-commerce boutique, where timeless fashion meets modern convenience.
Dazzle By Sarah
A fashion footwear brand born out of love for fine and unique luxury handcrafted juttis!
A Developer With Magical TouchA Developer With Magical TouchA Developer With Magical Touch
Why Work
With Me?


I've cultivated a versatile skillset through my experiences with startups, software houses, and service-based companies, ensuring I am well-equipped to tackle any challenge.



As an Engineer, my expertise extends beyond specific languages or frameworks. Instead, I'm adept at selecting the most suitable technology as per project requirement.



Keeping abreast of the latest technological trends is paramount to my success. This dedication ensures that I deliver cutting-edge solutions that propel your projects forward.



Delivering exceptional results is my unwavering goal. I'm committed to going above and beyond expectations to ensure your success. Your satisfaction is my driving force.



I thrive in collaborative environments and value the input of others. Your input is highly valued, and together, we can transform your projects into resounding achievements.

What They SayWhat They SayWhat They Say
I worked closely with Sami during the early stages of LAAM, and his impact was nothing short of transformative.
Arif Iqbal
Chief Executive Officer at LAAM
Sami is results-oriented, and a true team player who always puts his best effort needed to deliver projects.
Shannon Madden
Senior Project Manager at REI Blackbook
Sami is a straight forward and honest guy who also has critical thinking skills. Most importantly he is friendly to work with.
Mian Faizan Mahmood
Chief Executive Officer at Emerald Labs
Sami's excellent communication skills and collaborative nature greatly enriched our team's dynamics.
Rahma Ahmed
Senior Marketing Manager at FOR
Arif Iqbal
Shannon Madden
Rahma Ahmed
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About Me

I’m a Pakistani, Software engineer based currently in Lahore, Pakistan. I love what I do and have done, so for the last 4+ years working on various projects, brands and companies around the world. As an engineer, I bring my passion for creative problem-solving, design, and effective teamwork to every project. I'm always excited to collaborate and bring fresh ideas to the table!

I've developed and worked for:

Ali Xeeshan
Emerald Labs
Mohsin Naveed Ranjha
Shamsha Hashwani


Web App Development
Industry Practices
System Design
Design Patterns
Versatile Development
Team Leading
Strong communication
Visual Design

Quick summary of my career:

4+ years dev experience
2 years at startups
1 year at software house
1 year at services based


I love being an engineer! For me, it's not just about mastering a language or framework, but embracing problem-solving, versatility, and a constant drive to learn and innovate. I'm all about crafting creative and adaptable solutions that work effectively in our ever-evolving tech world.

I have crafted with:

Shopify Plus
Design patterns


I've had the incredible journey of starting and nurturing two thriving startups from the ground up, leading a fantastic team of 15 talented engineers along the way. I'm particularly proud of my role in kickstarting the growth of a women's health startup, and I've also had the privilege of mentoring a group of junior developers, helping them grow and excel. Beyond my professional achievements, I've had the opportunity to make a positive impact through contributions to various social projects.

A few personal achievements:

2 successful startups
15 engineers team
Women health startup